SunSeekers was founded in 1983 with one location in Crofton, Maryland. Through the focus and dedication of the owners, Marty and Robin Eason, we have continued to grow. We attribute our success to believing and upholding 4 basic principles:

We realize that for continued success we must be the tanning studio of choice for our Clients and our Team Members. Clients have choices about everything, including which tanning studio to patronize. We know it is our responsibility to create an environment that they feel good about visiting. Our mission is to provide our Clients with a means to get and keep a luxurious tan all year long if that is their desire. It has always been our goal to provide the most enjoyable tanning experience possible for our Clients. In order to continue to be the tanning studio of choice, we strive to present a more sophisticated, environment in our studios. In today’s hustle and bustle world, we want our clients to come in, relax and enjoy a peaceful tan and friendly atmosphere.

SunSeekers introduced Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) memberships in 2002; it has proven to be a valuable option for both our Clients and SunSeekers. Our EFT also known as SunClub Memberships offer Clients the chance to tan for a very reasonable monthly fee while also enjoying product discounts and reduced upgrade fees. In addition to the benefits to our Clients, the EFT membership offers the studio consistent year round income.

We offer 5 levels of tanning, from our SuperBed all the way up to our ‘NJoy by Sportarredo bed. There is something for everyone at SunSeekers; from the beginning tanner to the serious tanner; the seasonal tanner to the year round tanner.

SunSeekers offers the best tanning products available. Our first class selection of products gives clients the results and variety they desire with regard to their tanning development and skin care. SunSeekers is a member of MR International and as such carries MR International lotions exclusively. The products by MRI are by far the best lotions available on the market today.

SunSeekers realizes that without a team of dedicated team members, we would not be where we are today. We know that team work, training and reward are the ingredients for success. We encourage top performance with earned commission, bonuses, Bounties, prizes, contests and most importantly, recognition. We offer tanning privileges to our employees because they are our best advertisement.

SunSeekers strives to provide you with all necessary product information, along with continual training and communications on our products, and a plethora of written material for additional tools to assist with your training, all designed to increase your knowledge so you can provide better customer service which will help you to increase your sales and ultimately your paycheck. When the company makes money, you make money.

After 30 years in business, we take our role in the indoor tanning industry and the community seriously.
We are the Founding Members of The Maryland Indoor Tanning Association organized for the purpose of educating State Legislators about the Health Benefits of Indoor Tanning and refuting the propaganda put forth by MedChi (The Maryland State Medical Society) and their cohorts which consist of various other medical associations, societies and foundations.

In 2008 we were part of a group of salon owners who initiated The Parental Consent Law for anyone under the age of 18. We promote responsible and moderate Sun safety. We adamantly believe in the Sun and Indoor Tanning as a positive benefit to our overall health and well being. Although by Federal Law, we are not allowed to promote this to our clients in our Studios.