SunClub Billing

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Address: 4315 Ebenezer Rd., Baltimore MD, 21236

Voice Mailbox: 410-513-8080 ext.3

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SunClub Cancellation

Why quit now? Unlimited SuperBed Tanning for as little as $24.95 per month …how can you lose?

Don’t forget that you now have the option to FREEZE your SunClub for up to 3 months per calendar year!

It is apparent that you will get more than your money’s worth during the normal tanning season, but don’t forget to consider that, during the off season you may want to get a little glow for a special occasion; a date, a party, a wedding, a vacation, a holiday, or just to chase away the cold weather blues. Even if you tan only 2-3 times per month for a couple of the months through out your year, this is still a great deal! We are able to offer this great deal based on the premise that the SunClub is a year-round Membership.

We take our relationship with our clients seriously and strive to leave an enjoyable impression with every one of you. This is why we spent a lot of time and thought drawing up the SunClub Enrollment Forms. Our goal is to give you all of the answers in straightforward verbiage before you commit yourself. This is why we were very specific about the cancellation procedure in the enrollment form. The paragraph below is quoted from the SunClub Membership Enrollment Agreement form and reads:

_____ (initial) The SunClub Membership is a perpetual membership and will continue until cancelled as outlined below.

_____ (initial) The monthly SunClub Membership may be FROZEN for up to 3 months per calendar year at the nominal fee of: 

$11.95 Platinum or $9.95 Diamond or $7.95 Gold or $6.95 Silver PLUS or $5.95 Silver per month. 

I must complete a FREEZE/CANCELLATION form at my studio.

_____ (initial) The monthly SunClub Membership may be canceled in person at my studio, by completing a FREEZE/CANCELLATION form (30) days in advance of my chosen billing date. Paid In Full SunClubs are not refundable.

_____ (intial) I understand that if I cancel and wish to re-enroll, I will be charged an enrollment fee at the prevailing rate.

Ask the staff at your studio for details.