Explanation of the LEVELS

We Feature a collection of the Most Effective and Comfortable tanning machines available! We have organized them into various LEVELS based on their Tanning Power. 

Some like it FAST and some like it SLOW. At SunSeekers we’ve got you covered!

All of our equipment is meticulously maintained to PEAK operating efficiency! You’ll never be wasting your valuable tanning time with us! We are constantly adjusting our equipment selection as new and better machines become available so equipment offerings will vary by location. See below for a sample selection and descriptions.

LEVEL ONE machines are Great for building a base tan although it’s not mandatory to start in this level. Many people successfully start with LEVEL FOUR or FIVE. However, these are a good choice if you want to build a natural sunscreen prior to a trip to a sunny location.

LEVEL TWO is similar to LEVEL ONE but has more lamps and features. It is generally more comfortable and allows more room to spread out. LEVEL TWO can may also offer the LEG TANNER. This is VERY effective for tanning hard to tan legs! 

LEVEL THREE machines have Facial tanner built in to accelerate tanning of your face. This is especially nice if your face is normally hard to tan, which is pretty common. This level may also include Vertical Tanning systems which many people prefer because they have a LOT of tanning power and a SHORT session length.

LEVEL FOUR are VERY Powerful BUT Gentle machines. They can tan you 3-4 times faster than LEVEL ONE and TWO machines with LESS chance of burning. That’s why many people START with these instead. Remember, time is money! If you have a busy schedule this one is Perfect for you!

LEVEL FIVE are Full High-Pressure machines that can tan you INCREDIBLY FAST! They emit a very VERY Large AMOUNT of VERY GENTLE Tanning Light which are known as “Browning Rays”. This machine can give you a SAVAGE tan when used regularly or you can use it once every 10 to 14 days to keep your skin moderately dark to dark. This light does NOT create much of a natural sunscreen so if you are headed to the tropics you will need to use some sessions in the LEVEL ONE through THREE range also!