1. Why should I use an indoor tanning lotion when I tan in a tanning bed?

Whether tanning indoors or out, exposure to UV rays have a drying effect on your skin. By using a quality indoor tanning product, you can maintain healthy looking skin and a gorgeous tan. Indoor tanning products are specially formulated, researched and developed to provide essential vitamins and minerals, vital nutrients and anti-oxidants that are used during the tanning process to repair your skin and boost your tan. Indoor tanning products also provide vital moisturization that is necessary before, during and after tanning. Healthier skin has the ability to keep a tan longer, therefore enhancing the tanning process. Dry skin tends to flake off, causing you to have to restart the tanning process more often.

Indoor tanning products offer significant benefits by keeping the skin conditioned, moisturized and ready to tan by smoothing the surface layers of your skin allowing UV rays to penetrate immediately. Not using an indoor tanning lotion causes you to tan more frequently in order to achieve and maintain your tan while also having to deal with the inconvenience of finding the time and motivation to go. We encourage responsible tanning and by using a quality indoor tanning product, once you have achieved your desired results you can maintain your tan with as little as 1 session a week depending on your equipment choice.

2. What products do we offer?

We offer MR International products ranging from pure lotions to bronzers to hot action products. The line is rounded out with quality body and face moisturizers, body washes and lip plumpers and glosses for the trendsetters. MR International is the hottest new company in the indoor tanning field. A group of top notch people with solid experience in the industry, together with select tanning studios across the country, have come together to form MR International. Due to the vast experience of the founders of MR International, the products remain on the cutting edge. If there is a great new ingredient, vitamin, application that will benefit our customers- they are bringing it to us- exclusively at SunSeekers.