Teen Tanning Ban voted down in the State of Maryland

It is with much satisfaction and appreciation that I am able to announce that the Teen Tanning Ban was voted down in the State of Maryland by a vote of 15/7. Because the House voted unfavorably, the Senate chose not to vote and the bill died in committee. WE WON!!!

We THANK YOU for your support in signing the on-line petition and the in-studio petition. These are handed directly to each Senator and Delegate; it is a fact that petitions work and in this case it did.

Once again the members of the State House Economics Matters Committee showed wisdom and support for Maryland’s Small Businesses and the rights of parents to choose for their teens.

Please view the following information to see who these delegates are, their contact info., and their voting record on the Teen Tan Ban legislation.

And please remember them when it comes time to vote.