Understanding Photosensitivity
Many medications and topical solutions can cause the skin to burn or break out in a rash when exposed to ultraviolet light. Photosensitivity is an adverse skin reaction to certain substances in the presence of ultraviolet light. This may cause erythema, rashes, itching, scaling or inflammation.

Perfumes and colognes containing Furocoumarins, compound from natural products such as plants and fruits. Their natural oils CAN SENSITIZE THE SKIN TO SUNLIGHT.

Food and fruits that contain photosensitizing agents: celery, carrots, lime, coriander, parsley, fennel, dill, buttercup, mustard and fig.

A partial list of known photosensitizing medications is listed below by name:

Before using the list, you should be aware of the following:

  1. This list is for the most common photosensitizing materials. This is not a list of every material that could have photosensitizing effects. If there is any question about a drug or product that you use, you should consult a physician.
  2. NOT all individuals who use or take these medications will experience a photosensitive reaction. Also, an individual who experiences a photosensitive reaction on one occasion will NOT necessarily experience it again or every time.
  3. A medication will NOT cause the same degree of skin reaction in all individuals.
  4. Brand names of products should be considered only as examples; they do NOT represent all names under which the generic product may be sold.


Accutane Danocrine Garamycin Naturetin Serentil
Achromycin Dapsone Glucotrol NegGram Serepasil
Actidil Declomycin Grisactin Ultra Neptazane Sinequan
Actifed Deconamine Haldol Normozide Sparine
Adrueil Diabeta Hibiclens Noroxin Stelazine
Aldactazide Diabinese Hispril Spansule Norpramin Sumycin
Aldoclor Dilantin Hydromox Optimine Surmontil
Aldoril Dimetane Hygroton Oreticyl Tacaryl
Ambenyl Dincardin Inderide Ornade Spansule Taractan
Ancobon Dlulo Intal Inhaler Orudis Capsules Tavist
Apresolene-Esidrix Diupres Intron A Pamelor Tegretol
Aquatenson Diuril Lasix Pediazole Temaril
Asendin Diutensen-R Librium Periactin Tenoretic
Azo Gantanol Dyazide Limbitrol Permitil Terramycin
Azo Gantrisin Dyrenium Lozol Pertofrane Thalitone
Azulfidine Elavil Ludiomil Phenergan Thorazine
Bactrim Endep Marplan Phisohex Timolide
Bainetar Enduronyl Maxzide Polaramine Tofranil
Barbiturates Esidrix Mellaril Prolixin Tolazamide
Benadryl Esimil Mepergan Quindex Tolinase
Butazolidin Estar Gel Mexate Quinidine Trandate HCT
Capoten Etrafon Mexate-AQ Quinine Triaminic TR
Cesamet Exna Minizide Rauzide Vaseretic
Cipro Fansidar Minocin Renese Vasotec Tablets
Clinoril Flexeril Moduretic Ru-Tuss II Capsules Velban
Compazine Folex Motrin Seldane Vivactil
Fulvicin U/F Mykrox Septra Voltaren Tablets
Gantanol Naquival Ser-Ap-Es Zaroxolyn