What are Stars? Stars are "points" that you can use to tan on upgraded equipment. Stars are like sessions at other tanning salons but they are more flexible than sessions because they can be used for any Level of equipment! Many clients have found it convenient to purchase a group of Stars in advance so that they can use upgrade beds without having to pay each time. This saves you time and money!

If you only want to tan for Vacation or a Special Occasion just choose the Star Package that suits your needs best! They come in a variety of sizes!

Each different type of machine is designated a specific number of Stars: Stars are our method of tracking your package. The computer only deducts Stars from your package depending on the specific equipment used.

The “Member Star Package” can only be sold with an active SunClub Membership. Member Star Packages offer the BEST savings with a price range of 10¢ per Star up to 15¢ per Star and expires with the SunClub Membership.

The “Guest Star Package” is for those clients who still want a good deal, but just don’t want to commit to The SunClub. The price per Guest Star is double that of Members Stars. Stars expire one year from date of purchase.

Star Packages are available in the following quantities: 2000 Stars, 1000 Stars, 500 Stars, 250 Stars, 125 Stars and 60 Stars. Please contact your nearest studio for prices.

SuperBed 20 Stars
Leg Tanner 27 Stars
48 Lamp Stand Up 27 Stars
Orion 35/3 27 Stars
SunCapsule 27 Stars
SunSource SuperPLUS w/facial lamps 27 Stars
56 Lamp Stand Up 35 Stars
Odyssey 35 Stars
Royal Sun SuperPLUS w/facial lamps 35 Stars
SunBurst 35 Stars
Royal Sun Stand Up

60 Stars

Orbit 60 Stars
Omega 100 Stars
'Njoy Mix 100 Stars
You may use upgraded equipment at any time during your chosen plan for a minimal surcharge fee.