SunClub EFT Memberships

All levels include:

- Unlimited Tanning
- Freeze Option Availablility
- Save 50% on Upgrades
- EZ Pay Program
- Freeze Option Available
- Lotion Discounts Every Day!
- One Time Enrollment Fee

Equipment selection varies by location. Contact your nearest studio for more information.

Orion, SuperBed, SunCapsule, Leg Tanner
$34.95 per month
May be used at any SunSeekers location!
$24.95 per month
May be used at any SunSeekers location!

WOULDN'T IT BE NICE...if you could have a tanning membership at a first class tanning studio that was inexpensive & convenient?


The Silver SunClub is our most popular membership at Only $24.95 per MONTH!

The Silver SunClub has a one time enrollment fee and LOW monthly dues! You get Unlimited tanning on our Super Beds! And Preferred Pricing on ALL your Lotion & Moisturizer purchases EVERY DAY! Plus, you can use Upgrade machines for Half Price! That's right... you can purchase "Stars" for 50% off! For convenience the monthly fee is automatically billed to your checking account or credit card each month. The monthly fee for this program is currently only $24.95 per MONTH!

What are Stars? Stars are "points" that you can use to tan on upgraded equipment. Stars are like sessions at other tanning salons but they are more flexible than sessions because they can be used for any Level of equipment! Many clients have found it convenient to purchase a group of Stars in advance so that they can use upgrade beds without having to pay each time. This saves you time and money!

If you only want to tan for Vacation or a Special Occasion just choose the Star Package that suits your needs best! They come in a variety of sizes!